Congratulations on receiving your Notice For Promotion and Level/Rank Advancement. Copy of Notice

Our Grandmaster, Masters, Instructors and Black Belts will be online ready to view and grade your improvements. You will perform the required techniques from your home in a group of similar ranks. Manna's Martial Arts will holding testing as follows:
  • Group Zoom Testing June 11th and 12th based on your class and belt color
      White and Orange Belts: Thursday, June 11th at 4PM
      All Songin Participants: Thursday, June 11th at 5:30PM
      Tiny Tigers: Friday, June 12th at 1:30PM
      Little Dragons: Friday June 12th at 2:30PM
      All Green/Blue/Red: Friday June 12th at 4:30P
  • Semi Private Test: Wednesday Early Evening on June 17th at 5:30PM
      Testing from your home to ours by Zoom

    July we will be sending you an on demand link to a Black Belt exhibition.
    We know your family will be there to watch and assist.

    Private classes with one of the Masters or Instructors are available. Help be the best you can be!
  • Level Testing for your current program & belt:

    Rank Testing for your
    current program & belt:

    Please click on the appropriate button below to
    proceed to registration.

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