Come join us at the 37th Annual Martial Arts Camp in the mountains of Julian.
All workouts are outside. This year marks the return of optional Elite Warrior Scout.

3 Day Camp for ages 10 and older (9 with approval)
Begins: Friday 5 PM (Friday night diner at 5:15 PM)
through Sunday 3 PM. Space is Limited!
Transportation from (4 pm) and back to Manna’s (4pm) upon reuest.

1 Day Saturday Camp for ages 7 and up.
Attend from 9 AM to 4:30 PM, Lunch included
Transportation from (8 am) and back (5 pm) to Manna’s may be available.

In this three-day camp we can offer the student multiple months of training in just one weekend.  Imagine having a month of training invested in just one weekend?  Attendance at martial arts camp has proven to grow and develop the students at a superior rate than in studio classes can alone. For those reasons, we want to share how important this is to us and we want to share the chance to interact with students, Senior Black Belts and make all of this available to assure our 37th Anniversary Camp will be one not soon forgotten. All attendees will have their name on the back of the 37th Annual camp shirts.

If you would be interested in supporting thiss camp feel free to make a donation.

TEMAS – The Educational Martial Arts System was established in 1990 to promote the mission of furthering the enhancement of the arts. TEMAS can be explain as Educational - bringing all to a higher understanding of one's self and the community around us; Martial Arts - a study of the mind and body as one, to have the knowledge necessary to avoid conflict, betterment of the whole person; System - a way, structured to assist in achieving our goals.

Manna's and TEMAS will be bringing Grandmasters and Senior Master Instructors that will teach the attending camp participants. Specialized 36th anniversary workshops will allow participants to attend any or all of the specific workshops (some are age or rank specific). 

Training in this attend your own course weekend is a phenomenal opportunity making this 36th anniversary camp experience a special one for each attendee. 2023 Items to take - Check List


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Sign up above or send camp fees to:
Manna's Martial Arts/3 Day Camp
12285B World Trade Drive, San Diego CA 92128
Email contact: Office@manna.us
Phone: (858) 487-6470